Wedding Ceremony Options
It’s your day… here is a list of some wedding ceremony options you can incorporate into your ceremony. Want something different? Not a problem or a cost!


Sand Ceremony Option (shown above)

Ideal for outdoor weddings this ceremony option symbolizes the joining of the couple in their new family.  I often suggest this ritual when there are young children involved and the couple is looking for a way to include the children.

Breaking of the Glass Option

Used in traditional Jewish weddings ceremony this option reminds us of the tragic breaking of the tablets at the foot of the mountain at Sinai and is used to signify the end of the ceremony and the time of celebration.

Wine Box/Love Letter Option (shown above)

The couple will write love letters detailing all the reasons they chose to marry their mate. Before the wedding they will seal their letter in an envelope.  They will choose their favorite bottle of wine or drink of choice and place these and any other memorabilia in the wine box. If you choose this ceremony option; during the wedding ceremony, you will seal the box and vow not to open the box until an anniversary of your choice. The only other time that the box can be unsealed is when they are having troubles and need to be reminded of the reasons they chose to marry. They should open the wine and read the letters why they fell in love and chose to be together.

Broom Jumping Option

An African and Celtic wedding ceremony option is based upon tradition which symbolizes the clearing away of negativity with a sweep of the broom and creating a threshold for the couple to cross over into their new life together.

Rose Ceremony Option

The couple can choose to present roses to the mothers/grandmothers as a way of showing appreciation for their support.  The roses can also be presented as the first gifts that the couple will give to each other.

Dove Release Option

Doves choose one partner for life and make this commitment until death.  It is said that if doves are seen on your wedding day, a happy home is assured.  It is the belief that releasing doves is a ceremony option that signifies new beginnings.

Wine Blending Ceremony Option (shown above)

The couple can either choose to pour one white glass and one red glass to create a blush that they will both drink from or there can be a pouring of one glass that they both will drink from. This ceremony is often combined with the Breaking of the Glass option.

Hand Wrapping Ceremony Option

This Ceremony is an ancient Celtic tradition symbolizing the joining of two people in marriage. There are many versions of this gesture illustrating the union of husband and wife and is the origin of the phrase “tying the knot”. Whether you’re Irish or not, you may want to include this tradition as a meaningful ritual. The officiant asks the couple to hold hands or place them side by side and wraps the symbolic cord around the hands and wrists to “join” the couple to symbolize the bringing together of the two hearts in a marriage of strength and unity forever.

Unity Candle Option

This ritual has long been used in Catholic weddings, but as a traditional ceremony option it also holds a universal meaning.  It symbolizes the joining of the couple in marriage as well as the joining of their two original families.  The couple’s mothers can light their individual candles for them as a symbol to show that they are moving on from their family to create a new family together. This ceremony is not recommended for outdoor weddings as it can be difficult to keep the candles lit.

Butterfly Release Option

An American Indian Legend says that if you catch abutterfly and make a wish, when you release it your wish will come true.  Many people choose to have this ritual performed at the end of their wedding ceremony.

First Kiss Last Kiss Option

This ceremony option involves the mother of both the Bride and the Groom. They are called upon to join the Bride and Groom near the end of the ceremony. The mothers gave their children there first kiss when the came into the world and they will give their last kiss as single individuals before sending them on their new journey as husband and wife. (Note: This ceremony can be combined with the “Rose Ceremony”, and after the mothers kiss the bride and groom… the bride and groom offer the wedding roses to their mothers as a symbol of their continued love and appreciation.)

Coin Ceremony Option

The Wedding Coins have traditionally symbolized the prosperity that would be shared by the new couple, and the groom’s promise to provide for the welfareof the new family.  Today’s couples embrace life & face the world together in a more mutually supportive way than ever before. The Wedding Coins have come to symbolize the couple’s commitment to mutually contributing to their relationship, their children, and their community.

Veil and Cord Ceremony Option

The Couple arrange to have two Veil Sponsors come forward during the ceremony and place a white veil over the shoulders of the bride and groom. The Veil (white) has come to be a symbol of purity. Its original meaning was the symbol of the presence of God, as the cloud was a symbol of His presence. It is placed over the shoulders of the couple to symbolize their union and being “clothed as one” in unity. The Veil Sponsors, or two others, will call the Cord Sponsors to place a knotted cord over the heads of the couple to form an eternity symbol laying on their shoulders. The Cord is a symbol of the couple’s bond; that indeed they are no longer two but one in their new life as a couple.

Bread Breaking Ceremony Option

The Bread Breaking Ceremony is an Eastern European tradition of sharing and breaking of the Pitka bread. Traditionally the mothers will come forward to join in this portion of the ceremony. They will offer the bread to the bride and groom and hold a dish with honey.

The second part of this ceremony is to determine who will be the leader of the household. The bride and groom each take a firm hold on the bread. On the count of three they pull on and tear the bread. Whoever gets the larger half of the bread is the winner and according to tradition will be the leader of the household. The bride and groom each dip a piece of the bread into honey and feed the other. This ceremony of dipping the bread in honey and feeding it to the bride and groom symbolizes the sweet things that life brings.

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